Tarot Of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti Set With Deck, Bag, Journal and Crystal

by HuntGirl Gifts
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  • Set includes: The Tarot Of Dreams by Lee Bursten and Ciro Marchetti, a black velveteen drawstring bag, a 1-2 inch amethyst crystal and a spiral bound recycled journal with an attached pen.
  • The Tarot of Dreams offers readers powerful tools for insight and divination. It has the traditional 78 cards plus 5 bonus cards: a Tree Of Life card and four (4) Palace cards to give further context to the court cards. This beautiful deck is from the creator of The Grand Luxe Tarot and The Gilded Tarot.
  • The lovely and velvety soft black tarot bag is 100% polyester. It is 6" x 9" with a usable space of 6" x 7". All of the components fit inside the bag for storage and portability.
  • The Tree Of Life Journal has a pen and is made from recycled cardboard. (The cover is 100% and the paper and pen are 40%). It is 3.5" x 4.75" and has 40 pages.
  • Amethyst is rough cut, faceted, and natural and is 1"- 2" high. There is some natural variation in these as they are real stones.