Crow Tarot Card Deck Set with Bag, Amethyst, and Journal

by HuntGirl Gifts
  • This includes these essentials: the Crow Tarot Cards deck in a box with guide book, a black velveteen drawstring bag, a 1.5" inch amethyst crystal and a spiral bound Tree Of Life recycled journal with an attached pen. All components fit inside the bag for a portable or contained set!
  • Makes a wonderful gift filled with love for a special friend or yourself and is great for beginners or advanced readers.
  • The Crow Tarot by Margaux “MJ” Cullinane has stunning art that embodies the mystical energy of crows, ravens, and corvids. Fly through the veil and connect with your intuitive power. This deck is based on the traditional tarot and is ideal for both beginners and professionals.
  • The luxurious, velvet drawstring bag is deep, rich black. Do readings on the go or simply keep a sacred divination set together for your mindful, spiritual practice or ritual. It is 6” x 9” with a usable space of about 6” x 7” and fabric is 100% polyester. The deck, the journal and the pen all fit in.
  • Take notes about each card pulled or the overall spread in this eco friendly, spiral bound, Tree of Life Diary. Note affirmations, guidance, or other insights. Cover is 100% recycled and the click action pen and paper are made from 40% recycled content. Size is 3 ½” x 4 ¾” and it contains 40 lined pages.
  • This rough cut, faceted, high quality, healing, purple, amethyst is genuine and natural. It has a base so that it will stand next to or on top of your deck. Each one is unique and slightly different. Cleanse and charge it full of healing energy at the full moon, keep it with your deck or display it on an altar or table. Its power can inspire and heal and help focus guidance and advice from divine source or higher self.